Nicotine: The Common Denominator in Disease

Hello, this is Doctor Daniel Anderson, your favorite functional medicine doctor in North Branch. Did you know that many of the diseases people face today are caused by nicotine?
It’s true, not only can a person develop lung cancer from smoking, but also heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis, insomnia, and many other problems, many of which can be life-threatening. Even those


Are the Neighbors Keeping You Awake?

Do you toss and turn at night because of noisy neighbors? Hi, I’m Doctor DanielAnderson, your hometown practitioner of functional medicine in North Branch, and today I would like to talk again on the subject of insomnia.
There are many reasons why people fail to obtain adequate sleep. Some are just night owls. Others stay awake because of stress or



Garlic is so good for you! Greetings, Doctor Daniel Anderson here, and I would like to talk to residents of North Branch about why it is important to regularly incorporate garlic into your diet.
For almost every disease that a person can be diagnosed with, garlic is an excellent healing agent. It helps fights colds, strengthens the heart, balances out