Stress is a Serial Killer

Did you know that many of the most common diseases today can be caused by stress? Hello there, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and I have a  integrative medicine office here in North Branch, where I spend my days helping people just like you who need relief from their health problems.
Stress, especially repeated stress, can have a detrimental effect on


Chronic Fatigue is More than Just Being Tired

If you’ve ever known anyone who has been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, you know that the disease is characterized by much more than just exhaustion. Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson and today, I want to educate the residents of North Branch on this painful disease.
Chronic Fatigue feels like a never ending attack of the flu in that the


Be Honest

Hello everyone, this is Doctor Daniel Anderson with you to encourage residents of North Branch to be honest about their weight problem.
Change can never happen where we don’t admit that a problem exists. We must be willing to recognize the need for improvement and have the courage to ask for help. It is the first step to breaking free