What Speeds Up the Aging Process?

No one can make themselves a day older than what the calendar says. However, bad choices can make us look and feel older than our ages. Good day; I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson and I operate a functional medicine practice here in North Branch. Today, I would like to teach you about some of the main culprits that speed up the


Eat Your Veggies

If your mama always told you to eat your veggies, she was right.I’m Doctor DanielAnderson, and today’s blog is about the importance of eating your vegetables, which can keep residents here in North Branch happy and healthy.
Vegetables were created to give us life and vitality. They are full of powerful nutrients that fight disease and give us energy to



Everyone knows about the bottle of pink liquid that is used to fight heartburn, but what if you could do away with heartburn in the first place? I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson and I manage an integrated medicine office here in North Branch, where I help people just like you with their digestive health.
Heartburn is often caused by eating the