Stress is a Serial Killer

Did you know that many of the most common diseases today can be caused by stress? Hello there, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and I have a  integrative medicine office here in North Branch, where I spend my days helping people just like you who need relief from their health problems.
Stress, especially repeated stress, can have a detrimental effect on


Read a Book

Some people toss and turn all night because they are unable to obtain adequate sleep. Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of integrative medicine in North Branch, where we help people with insomnia on a regular basis.
Sometimes reading a book at nighttime can help one fall asleep faster. While many individuals go right to sleep after a few


What is Osteoporosis?

You’ve probably heard about Osteoporosis before, but today, I would like to teach you exactly what this disease is. Hi, my name is Doctor Daniel Anderson, and I manage a function medicine practice  in North Branch, where we help people fight many diseases, including Osteoporosis.
Osteoporosis is a degenerative condition that affects many elderly women today. It is one of