Why Progesterone is Important, Part Two

When some women experience brain fog, they might feel as if they’re developing Alzheimer’s Disease. However, it may just be a hormonal imbalance problem. I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of  integrative medicine here in North Branch, and I would like to help out you ladies that are struggling with this condition.
Progesterone is necessary for healthy brain function and is


Communication is Key

How is your communication with your doctor? How about his staff? Do the nurses and others explain information thoroughly? I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and I manage a functional medicine office right here in North Branch.
It is vital that you be satisfied with the communication coming from your doctor’s office. Your doctor and his staff should exhibit an interest in helping



I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and today’s blog for my fellow North Branch residents is about how prayer is an important part of relieving stress.
So many of us carry our burdens and troubles on our own shoulders day after day, and are weighed down by the pressure of it all. However, we were never meant to carry our problems on