I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and today’s blog for my fellow North Branch residents is about how prayer is an important part of relieving stress.
So many of us carry our burdens and troubles on our own shoulders day after day, and are weighed down by the pressure of it all. However, we were never meant to carry our problems on


Fill Up on Fluids

Do you struggle with your weight? One way to help beat the bulge is to fill up on fluids. Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, and today, I would like to share an easy weight loss tip with my friends in North Branch.
Drinking a lot of fluids helps us to feel fuller quicker and to stay full longer. Therefore, if


Alcohol is a Toxin

While it is often glorified in the media as somehow causing one’s life to be fun and joyful, alcohol actually has the exact opposite effect and is the instigator of a number of major diseases today. I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of integrated medicine here in North Branch, and I would like to tell you why.
The moment alcohol enters