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Cancer is a Degenerative Disease

Hello friends. This is Doctor Daniel Anderson here to talk to you about the one word that everyone fears of hearing from their doctor: cancer. Although not many people like to think about it, there are a number of citizens in North Branch that are stricken with this disease, and thus it must be addressed. [...]

Weight Loss Tip: Lean Meats

Losing weight is all about making wise choices. Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of integrative medicine in North Branch, and today I would like to talk to you about the importance of choosing lean meats for your meals. Heavy consumption of red meat can often cause health problems, but choosing lean meats such [...]

Be Honest

Hello everyone, this is Doctor Daniel Anderson with you to encourage residents of North Branch to be honest about their weight problem. Change can never happen where we don’t admit that a problem exists. We must be willing to recognize the need for improvement and have the courage to ask for help. It is the [...]