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Read the Labels

Good day; Doctor Daniel Anderson here, ready to talk to my friends in North Branch today about weight loss and the importance of reading labels. Most people likely don’t count their calories, nor their fat, sodium and sugar intake. However, it is very important to be conscientious in this area. The more careful you are [...]

Causes of Constipation: Part Two

This is Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of integrative medicine in North Branch. In today’s blog, we are examining another common cause of constipation: the lack of sufficient fiber. Perhaps you run from eating green leafy vegetables and make jokes about such items being “rabbit food.” While it may seem humorous at the time, neglecting [...]

Coffee Dependencies

Have you become so dependent on coffee that you can’t stay awake all day without it?  Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a integrative medicine doctor from North Branch, and I would like to talk to you today about this important issue. Many people stay up into the early hours of the morning, and so when [...]