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Losing Weight Can Be Fun

Some people think of weight loss as a dread, while others think of it as a lot of fun. Do you need to lose weight? I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson and I can help. I manage an integrative medicine office here in North Branch, where we specialize in helping people stay healthy and happy. One of the [...]

Don’t Go to Bed Angry

Do you suffer with stress? Do you also suffer with insomnia? Well then, today’s blog is for you. This is Doctor Daniel Anderson, your friendly integrated medicine doctor in North Branch, and today I want to explain why these two types of conditions don’t mix. If you go to bed angry, you surely will not [...]

Keep Your Brain Sharp

You don’t need to let aging get the best of you. This is Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of functional medicine here in North Branch, and today I would like to talk to you about one way that you can work to avoid Alzheimer’s Disease as a senior adult. Keeping your brain active and sharp can [...]