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Counting Sheep Not Working?

Everyone knows the old saying that if you have difficulty falling asleep, count sheep. However, for many people, such adages don’t work. Good day friends in North Branch; this is Doctor Daniel Anderson, and today I would like to talk to you today about insomnia. Insomnia afflicts millions of people just like you, and can [...]

Insomnia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Hi, I’m Doctor Daniel Anderson, a practitioner of  integrative medicine here in North Branch. I would like to talk to my senior citizen friends today about the correlation between insomnia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Losing sleep night after night have a detrimental affect on the brain. It can wear down the cells until eventually one begins to notice [...]

Cancer is a Degenerative Disease

Hello friends. This is Doctor Daniel Anderson here to talk to you about the one word that everyone fears of hearing from their doctor: cancer. Although not many people like to think about it, there are a number of citizens in North Branch that are stricken with this disease, and thus it must be addressed. [...]